Structural Changes Info letter 2June16

June 2, 2016

To:  All Owners within PCC 122

Dear Unit Owner:

Re: Changes to Unit

You are receiving this letter because it is understood that you are an existing or new owner within the Condominium. We have prepared this letter to all of the unit owners in order to notify you of certain provisions within the Condominium’s Declaration.

Changes to Your Unit

First, we would like to draw your attention to Section IV(1)(d) of the Declaration, which states:

“IV(1)(d) Units: Occupation and Use"

No owner shall make any structural change or alteration in or to his unit or make any change to an installation upon the common elements, or maintain, decorate, alter or repair any part of the common elements, except for maintenance of those parts of the common elements which he has the duty to maintain, without the consent of the Board.”

This provision means that unit owners cannot make any structural changes or alterations to the interior of the units or to the common elements, without first obtaining approval from the Board of Directors. It has recently come to our attention that a number of unit owners are making significant changes to the interior of their units without first seeking Board approval. Completing this type of work without first obtaining approval from the Board violates the Condominium’s Declaration.

In considering the above, you must first obtain approval from the Board of Directors before making any interior structural changes to your unit or to the common elements. If you wish to make a change to your unit or to the common elements, please put your request in writing to the Board. The request should provide detailed information on the changes you wish to make to either your unit or to the common elements. The Board will then review and consider your written requests, sometimes in consultation with other professionals.

We hope this clarifies this matter, and thank you for your cooperation.

Yours very truly,

Board of Directors