Storage Shed Info Letter 22June16

June 22, 2016

To:  All Unit Owners at PCC 122

Subject:  Storage Sheds

We are writing in response to questions received regarding the installation of storage sheds in townhouse back yards.  Back yards are a common element of the Corporation but each owner is assigned exclusive use of their designated back yard area.  Storage sheds are permitted, however, specific condominium guidelines must be adhered to when considering purchasing and installing a shed as follows:

The Shed:

  • Must not exceed 6 feet in height from the ground (not the deck)
  • Must not exceed 5 feet in width
  • Must not exceed 3 feet in depth
  • If the height of the shed exceeds 5 feet from the ground and is visible above the fence, the unit owner must install lattice at their own expense, along the top of the fence to bring the total height of the fence to 6 feet
  • Must be placed and properly levelled on a foundation of concrete patio stones
  • Color must be neutral tones that fit into the complex color scheme
  • Must be kept in good repair at all times

Should there be a need to install a shed with any dimensions greater than those specified above, written approval must be requested and obtained from the Board of Directors in advance of purchase.  Sheds installed that exceed the required specs will be removed by the Condominium Corporation’s contractor and the cost of removal will be charged to the owner.

Storage sheds can be installed only in the back yard to which the owner has exclusive privilege to use and no part of it must infringe on any public common area.  Sheds must NOT be installed at the front or side of any unit which includes front patios and the side of end units.

Sheds may not be utilized to house any live animals, dangerous chemicals, fire hazards, foul smelling materials or noisy entertainment systems.

The Corporation’s Board of Directors reserves the right to inspect sheds at any time, at their discretion, and take whatever action they deem necessary should complaints be lodged against a unit.

If you have any questions please contact the office.


The Board of Directors