Project Forecast Report

This report lists various projects that have been identified and are ongoing or planned for completion as budget and resources permit.  It is not all inclusive of every work order on file and some have no set timeline at this point.

Project Forecast

  • Window Replacement Project consisting of three installation phases each spring/summer is ongoing. Estimated project completion - 2023 depends on available funding.
  • As required replacement of garage doors, front doors, roof damage, street light underground faulty wiring, collapsed catch basins, etc., is ongoing.
  • As required balcony floor resurfacing is ongoing.
  • Common area maintenance projects to enhance the appearance of gardens, lawns, bushes and trees are ongoing.
  • Miscellaneous repairs and maintenance continues.
  • New Siding, New Colour Scheme:
    • Long-term (in approvimately 3 to 5 years), it will be necessary to install new siding on all units. Our wood siding is rotting.
    • Proposed new colour schemes for the overall colour coordination of siding, trim, garage and entrance doors is to be determined