No Children/Bikes/ Scooters/Skateboards or Sports etc., on Roadways 23July14

July 23, 2014


We have had many residents express their genuine concern about kids riding bikes and playing on our roadway. 

Drivers of vehicles backing out of our sloping driveways cannot see what's behind them until the cars have leveled off on the road.
Several drivers have expressed their alarm at how close the children come to their moving vehicles.  They also express how devastated our whole community would be if a child were hit and injured or worse.

While some children are well supervised outside, others are completely unsupervised for considerable periods of time.  Please supervise your children.

There is our playground at unit 91, as well as the paved path system that leads to a well appointed park behind our complex.

Our by-laws expressly prohibit everyone - children as well as adults - from playing on our roadway, for very good reasons.  The roadway is for vehicles and is an emergency route for fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles, etc.

We are asking that parents of our children please abide by our by-laws and take your children to and from the park and supervise them at all times.


The Board of Directors