Meeting Hall Contract

  • Meeting Hall Facility Rental:  Rental of the Meeting Hall at Unit 91 is available to homeowners/residents only, subject to terms and conditions, availability and signing of the rental contract (see link to contract below).  In addition to renting for private events, the Board has extended the rental of this facility to homeowners/residents only, to be used for the purpose of certain business events, subject to approval by the Board, that meet criteria as set out in the contract.  For all business events, a “Notice of Disclaimer” is published on the bulletin board of the facility (see details below).  Rental fees, security deposits, terms and conditions and all details of a rental transaction are provided in the contract.  See it on-site, download and print,  or contact the Management office for copies.  Thank you.


  • COVID-19:  Due to the virus, PCC 122 #91, with the office and Meeting Hall, is closed as of March 23, 2020, until further notice.  


  • Notice of Disclaimer:
    • Notice is hereby given that Peel Condominium Corporation 122, along with the Board of Directors and management thereof, do not endorse, recommend, support, or accept any responsibility or liability for any presentations, seminars, products, promotions, services or any other activities conducted on these premises by renters of this facility.

  • Maximum Capacity and Damage Control:
    • Maximum capacity for an event in this facility is 45 people
    • Tape,  glue, sdhesives, nails, hooks or any other damaging products are not permitted on any surface of this facility

  •  To book an event, please download, print and complete the following contract and submit it to the office:
    • Click here to access the Meeting Hall Contract with Terms & Conditions 1Jan20
    • Click here to access Appendix B - Notice of Disclaimer
    • Click here to access Appendix C - Maximum Capacity and Damage Control