Green Bin Storage and Backyards 18Nov16

November 18, 2016

To: All Residents

Re: Green Bins and Backyards

We have received numerous calls and emails at the office regarding the green bins being left out on the driveways and not stored back into the garage after garbage pick-up on Tuesdays. Leaving your green bins out on the driveway attracts pests such as racoons, skunks, mice and other rodents to the complex and have become a big problem as they are causing damage and making homes on the roofs, under decks and concrete steps in the backyards. Pets are also being sprayed and or attacked by these rodents.

The animals are trying to find shelter in those backyards that have garbage and debris. Our landscapers also find it hard to maintain the backyards when there is garbage and or pet excrement lying on the grass.

As a reminder please store your green bins and any other garbage (that was not picked up by the city) back into your garage after garbage pick-up. Do not leave green bins out on driveways as they are unsightly and attract large animals to the complex. Also please ensure that your backyards are free of garbage to avoid these pesky animals finding refuge in our complex.

Please help us keep the complex looking clean and tidy and void of garbage and debris.

If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Safina Cerit

Site Manager