Company Overview


Our townhouse condominium complex at 7080 Copenhagen Road was built by Philmore Developments Limited in 1976. Comprised of 91 units, including a combined community and management office building at Unit 91, the complex offers three spacious models that, depending on the model, include a wood burning fireplace, ensuite bathroom, large front balcony, separate living room/dinning room and three to four bedrooms.

The complex was incorporated in 1977, under the name Peel Condominium Corporation 122 and was managed by an outside property management company until April 1, 1998, at which time the Board of Directors successfully petitioned for the Corporation to become self-directed.

The changeover to be self-directed continues to be in the best interest of our community. Under the direction of our Board of Directors our budget, operating costs, reserve fund, common area/maintenance fees and ongoing infrastructure upgrades are well controlled, planned and executed.

Contact the Management Office for further information.