Balcony Excess Weight & Garden Removal 26Aug14

August 26, 2014


It has come to our attention that the front balconies of some townhomes contain large gardens with mature
trees, large plants and heavy patio furniture items. The weight of these items is causing damage to the
balcony floor, which is the roof of the garages below. Roots push through the membrane sealer causing holes
that allow water to leak into the garages below as well as the homes. In the past 3 years the corporation has
had to resurface 3 balconies at the cost of approximately $15,000 each, one balcony unit per year due to the
above issues. This past month the corporation has replaced many patio stones that were cracked or broken
and could be considered trip hazards. We are trying to maintain the patio units to the best of our ability and
keep repair costs to a minimum and require your help to do so.

We have decided to advise those unit owners with gardens on their balcony to have the railway ties, soil,
large trees, bushes and overgrown plants removed by May 31st, 2015
. Fall and Spring are the best times to
transplant the trees, bushes and plants should you wish to do so. The Corporation is planning on having a bin
on-site before the end of May, 2015, which can be used to dispose of the soil, railway ties and plants. A
notice will be sent out once the date is determined. Once the gardens are removed, please notify the office
so we can have our contractors replace the cleared area with patio stones.

At the end of spring 2015 the Board will do a walk around to ensure the gardens and other heavy nonportable
items are removed. If there are balconies that have not been cleared, the Board will have a
contractor remove the items at the expense of the unit owner.

Please ensure that any items placed on the balconies do not puncture the patio stones the membrane sealer
or the garage roofs or the unit owner will be responsible for all repair costs.

Acceptable items on the balconies are:

  • Patio table with umbrella and 6 chairs
  • Urns – no larger than 16 inches in diameter and must be plastic, fibreglass or resin (wrought iron or metal is not acceptable)
  • Patio bistro set
  • Any other light-weight, portable items

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office.
The Board of Directors