Annual General Meeting (AGM)


All homeowners (member or mortgagee of Peel Condominium Corporation 122) are invited to attend the Corporation’s AGM that is held each spring in Unit #91.  The meeting date, time, agenda and meeting materials are delivered to each residence in advance of the meeting.

The AGM is a mandatory business meeting for the purpose of processing the legal requirements of the Corporation.  The AGM is not a forum to raise various issues about individual properties that require written communication to the Site Manager and/or the Board. Such issues unnecessarily prolong the meeting and should be addressed outside of the AGM.

We encourage residents to attend the AGM as it provides an opportunity to meet and greet those in our community, the Board of Directors, Site Manager, Site Accountant and the Corporation’s auditor, as well as be informed of the Corporation's financial status, reserve fund, projects, plans and issues that are ongoing in the complex.  It is designed to be an informative and positive experience.  A Q&A session follows each meeting.


  • Click here to access the Notice of Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, June 26, 2019
  • Click here to access the AGM Form of Proxy 2019