This report highlights significant projects completed or currently underway at our complex from January 2020 to date.  It is not all inclusive of every workorder or activity performed, but is a summary of accomplishments that have an impact on the common areas and residents of our complex.  Some months may not be listed as they have no such activities to report.


Townhouses Sold 2020 year-to-date:  3

Townhouse Highest Selling Price year-to-date: $665,000

Garage Doors Replaced:  0


The COVID-19 virus issue caused the delay of starting various projects that we had scheduled for the spring.  Contractors, businesses and services were in lockdown.  We enetered the second phase of opening during the last week of June and are able to proceed with select maintenance projects.


  • Window Replacement - Phase 1: #91 - 4 sets of windows
  • Eavestroughs Cleaned Throughout the Complex


  • Townhouses Sold: #50, #62
  • 2020 Spring & Summer Newsletter Delivered
  • Periodic Information Certificate (PIC) Delivered
  • Household Watermain Taps/Valves Replaced: #89


  • Townhouse Sold: #61
  • Basement Water Pipe Leak Repaired: In Bottom of Wall Between #57 & #58