2015 Summer Projects Newsletter 16June15

JUNE 16, 2015

SUBJECT: 2015 Summer Projects Newsletter

Dear Residents:

Following is the tentative schedule for the summer projects at 7080 Copenhagen.


The balcony units will have all of the gardens and heavy materials removed. This was made necessary because the heavy weight was causing water leaks in the three garages under each balcony. Light weight containers with plants, one patio table & chairs will be permitted on the front patios.

We will also be pruning, and removing trees that our arborist has deemed necessary. We have booked this job for the week of June 22.


Phase two windows will be installed. New door assembly for #47 will also be installed.

Walkways have been inspected and we are in the process of reviewing the quotations.


Painting of the front of units and the side walls will commence this month. The units are being painted in the same colour scheme as they are now. This job is costing us more than we budgeted and as a result we will adjust our spending to account for this. The major job that is being postponed for this year is driveway repaving.

Anyone with a driveway issue should contact the office in writing as we will be doing cold patch where it is strictly required.

Please be advised that all of these jobs are weather permitting.


The Board of Directors