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COVID-19 Playground Notice 7Aug20












COVID-19: PCC 122 #91 Update 13July20

PCC 122 #91 is Open. See details in the Notice below:











COVID-19: PCC 122 #91 is Closed 23Mar20 #1-2020











Summary of NSF Procedures - Newsltr

November 2019

Summary of NSF Procedures

Please click here to access a summary of what to expect when a maintenance fee cheque is returned to our office as NSF.   A brief overview of this process was also provided in our 2019-2020 Fall & Winter Newsletter which was distributed to all owners in October 2019.











Chimney Cleaning & Inspection #2-2019

November 29, 2019

Chimney Cleaning & Inspection Required Annually

Please click here to access News Release #2-2019. advising that the Fire Code requires all fireplace chimneys to be cleaned and inspected annually. 

Please provide a copy of your Inspection Report to the Management Office.













Asbestos Test Report 16July19 #1-2019

July 16, 2019

Asbestos Test Report

Please click here to access the news release that provides information on the extremely low percentage of asbestos contained in our units. 








Copenhagen Rd. Rebuild - Information Package

April 16, 2019

Copenhagen Rd. Rebuild Project

Please click here to view the Customer Information Package issued by Electra Utilities about the Electrical System Rebuild and Replace Project on Copenhagen Rd. scheduled for the months of April until October 2019.








Green Bin Storage and Backyards 18Nov16

November 18, 2016

To: All Residents

Re: Green Bins and Backyards

We have received numerous calls and emails at the office regarding the green bins being left out on the driveways and not stored back into the garage after garbage pick-up on Tuesdays. Leaving your green bins out on the driveway attracts pests such as racoons, skunks, mice and other rodents to the complex and have become a big problem as they are causing damage and making homes on the roofs, under decks and concrete steps in the backyards. Pets are also being sprayed and or attacked by these rodents.

The animals are trying to find shelter in those backyards that have garbage and debris. Our landscapers also find it hard to maintain the backyards when there is garbage and or pet excrement lying on the grass.

As a reminder please store your green bins and any other garbage (that was not picked up by the city) back into your garage after garbage pick-up. Do not leave green bins out on driveways as they are unsightly and attract large animals to the complex. Also please ensure that your backyards are free of garbage to avoid these pesky animals finding refuge in our complex.

Please help us keep the complex looking clean and tidy and void of garbage and debris.

If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Safina Cerit

Site Manager

Storage Shed Info Letter 22June16

June 22, 2016

To:  All Unit Owners at PCC 122

Subject:  Storage Sheds

We are writing in response to questions received regarding the installation of storage sheds in townhouse back yards.  Back yards are a common element of the Corporation but each owner is assigned exclusive use of their designated back yard area.  Storage sheds are permitted, however, specific condominium guidelines must be adhered to when considering purchasing and installing a shed as follows:

The Shed:

Should there be a need to install a shed with any dimensions greater than those specified above, written approval must be requested and obtained from the Board of Directors in advance of purchase.  Sheds installed that exceed the required specs will be removed by the Condominium Corporation’s contractor and the cost of removal will be charged to the owner.

Storage sheds can be installed only in the back yard to which the owner has exclusive privilege to use and no part of it must infringe on any public common area.  Sheds must NOT be installed at the front or side of any unit which includes front patios and the side of end units.

Sheds may not be utilized to house any live animals, dangerous chemicals, fire hazards, foul smelling materials or noisy entertainment systems.

The Corporation’s Board of Directors reserves the right to inspect sheds at any time, at their discretion, and take whatever action they deem necessary should complaints be lodged against a unit.

If you have any questions please contact the office.


The Board of Directors









Structural Changes Info letter 2June16

June 2, 2016

To:  All Owners within PCC 122

Dear Unit Owner:

Re: Changes to Unit

You are receiving this letter because it is understood that you are an existing or new owner within the Condominium. We have prepared this letter to all of the unit owners in order to notify you of certain provisions within the Condominium’s Declaration.

Changes to Your Unit

First, we would like to draw your attention to Section IV(1)(d) of the Declaration, which states:

“IV(1)(d) Units: Occupation and Use"

No owner shall make any structural change or alteration in or to his unit or make any change to an installation upon the common elements, or maintain, decorate, alter or repair any part of the common elements, except for maintenance of those parts of the common elements which he has the duty to maintain, without the consent of the Board.”

This provision means that unit owners cannot make any structural changes or alterations to the interior of the units or to the common elements, without first obtaining approval from the Board of Directors. It has recently come to our attention that a number of unit owners are making significant changes to the interior of their units without first seeking Board approval. Completing this type of work without first obtaining approval from the Board violates the Condominium’s Declaration.

In considering the above, you must first obtain approval from the Board of Directors before making any interior structural changes to your unit or to the common elements. If you wish to make a change to your unit or to the common elements, please put your request in writing to the Board. The request should provide detailed information on the changes you wish to make to either your unit or to the common elements. The Board will then review and consider your written requests, sometimes in consultation with other professionals.

We hope this clarifies this matter, and thank you for your cooperation.

Yours very truly,

Board of Directors












Notice of Respectfull Behaviour Violation


To Whom it May Concern: 

Notice of Respectful Behaviour Violation

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

PEEL CONDOMINIUM CORPORATION (“PCC 122” or the “Corporation”) expects all of its directors, officers, managers, contractors and consultants (“Representatives”) to comply with regulations governing conduct and is committed to promoting integrity and maintaining the highest standard of ethical conduct in all of its activities.  

The Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (“Code”) outlines guidelines and procedures for respectful behaviour expected of the Corporation’s Representatives in the course of their duties which reads as follows:

Respectful Behaviour:

Representatives of the Corporation will deal with its homeowners/tenants/residents (“Customers”), business partners, clients, service providers, suppliers and/or other parties with integrity, respect, courtesy, moderation and without undue aggressiveness, negativity or arrogance.

In return, the Corporation expects its Customers, business partners, clients, service providers, suppliers and/or other parties to display respectful behaviour towards its Representatives, which includes a high level of integrity, respect, courtesy, and moderation without undue aggressiveness, negativity or arrogance.  

In addition, the Corporation will not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination towards its Representatives. Harassment or discrimination is any conduct that is offensive, humiliating or unduly embarrassing for anyone and deprives a person of their rights to dignity and respect. Also, any activity, conduct, or transaction that is or may appear to be unethical, illegal or improper business conduct is unacceptable.

During the course of any business encounter, should our Representatives feel that Customers, business partners, clients, service providers, suppliers and/or other parties are in violation of respectful behaviour or that they are being subjected to harassment or discrimination, our Representatives have the right to immediately terminate/withdraw their services and/or cooperation at that time and report the incident to the Board of Directors for review. 


The Board of Directors 



















Water Leak Emergencies & Non-Emergencies #3-2015, 20Oct15




























Condominium & Leaser/Renter Insurance #2-2015, 20Oct15















Balcony Excess Weight & Garden Removal 26Aug14

August 26, 2014


It has come to our attention that the front balconies of some townhomes contain large gardens with mature
trees, large plants and heavy patio furniture items. The weight of these items is causing damage to the
balcony floor, which is the roof of the garages below. Roots push through the membrane sealer causing holes
that allow water to leak into the garages below as well as the homes. In the past 3 years the corporation has
had to resurface 3 balconies at the cost of approximately $15,000 each, one balcony unit per year due to the
above issues. This past month the corporation has replaced many patio stones that were cracked or broken
and could be considered trip hazards. We are trying to maintain the patio units to the best of our ability and
keep repair costs to a minimum and require your help to do so.

We have decided to advise those unit owners with gardens on their balcony to have the railway ties, soil,
large trees, bushes and overgrown plants removed by May 31st, 2015
. Fall and Spring are the best times to
transplant the trees, bushes and plants should you wish to do so. The Corporation is planning on having a bin
on-site before the end of May, 2015, which can be used to dispose of the soil, railway ties and plants. A
notice will be sent out once the date is determined. Once the gardens are removed, please notify the office
so we can have our contractors replace the cleared area with patio stones.

At the end of spring 2015 the Board will do a walk around to ensure the gardens and other heavy nonportable
items are removed. If there are balconies that have not been cleared, the Board will have a
contractor remove the items at the expense of the unit owner.

Please ensure that any items placed on the balconies do not puncture the patio stones the membrane sealer
or the garage roofs or the unit owner will be responsible for all repair costs.

Acceptable items on the balconies are:

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the office.
The Board of Directors

Sanitary Sewer Blockages - Cause & Effect 26Aug14

August 26, 2014


On Friday July 25th, 2014 we were advised that the sanitary sewer by unit 69 was blocked.  The Site Manager was contacted and a contractor was on-site immediately to take a look at what was happening.  We were advised that the sanitary sewer was backed up and would have to be rectified immediately.  The sewer was unclogged and what we found were massive amounts of hardened grease piles, paper towels and other items which had contributed to the backup of the sewer. The backup was between units 28 and 66.

The following Monday the contractor came back to flush out the sewer lines underground from unit 28 to unit 51 to ensure that another back-up would not occur.  This procedure cost the Corporation $3,000.  Had the contractor not been able to clear the blockage we may have been looking at costs of $15,000 - $20,000. 

It was very important for us to take prompt action to start clearing the blocked sewer line as failure to act in a timely manner may have caused damage to your property as well as to neighboring properties. Blockages are caused when the improper disposal of items such as grease, diapers, washing machine lint and other non-waste items are flushed down the toilet.  We were quite fortunate that we didn’t have any garages and basements flooded with sewage when this occurred.

To prevent backups from occurring in the sanitary sewers or in your home, DO NOT USE drains or toilets to dispose of grease, oils, diapers, paper towels, rags or other material that can harden or settle within the sewer pipes.

If you have a sewer backup in your home, call the Region of Peel at 905-791-7800, ext. 4409.

The Board of Directors

No Children/Bikes/ Scooters/Skateboards or Sports etc., on Roadways 23July14

July 23, 2014


We have had many residents express their genuine concern about kids riding bikes and playing on our roadway. 

Drivers of vehicles backing out of our sloping driveways cannot see what's behind them until the cars have leveled off on the road.
Several drivers have expressed their alarm at how close the children come to their moving vehicles.  They also express how devastated our whole community would be if a child were hit and injured or worse.

While some children are well supervised outside, others are completely unsupervised for considerable periods of time.  Please supervise your children.

There is our playground at unit 91, as well as the paved path system that leads to a well appointed park behind our complex.

Our by-laws expressly prohibit everyone - children as well as adults - from playing on our roadway, for very good reasons.  The roadway is for vehicles and is an emergency route for fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles, etc.

We are asking that parents of our children please abide by our by-laws and take your children to and from the park and supervise them at all times.


The Board of Directors